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In my most recent position as a Test Development Engineer at DELL EMC, I gained experience in developing automation tests on a system level for servers. My work primarily consisted of converting the automation test from Python to C#. One of my main objectives was to improve the overall test structure, re-usability, efficiency, and the reliability of the automation test scripts. My training and experience at DELL were invaluable as I expanded my skill set in both API automation testing and in programming.

As a NPI Test Engineer at Keysight Technologies I gained the skills necessary to maintain and support test stations for the X-Series Agile Signal Generator (UXG) instruments as well as provide support for the UXG instrument itself. During my time at Keysight, I became familiar with instrument hardware as well as measurement equipment such as Spectral Analyzers and Digital Sampling Oscilloscopes. I expanded my knowledge base in various programming languages such as C# and Rocky Mountain Basic (RMB) in order to efficiently modify and/or debug the algorithms as needed. Furthermore, I set Test Line Limits (TLL) for the production test measurements. In order to comprehensively set TLLs, I collected empirical data from the device under test measurements and then characterized the data by utilizing various statistical distribution systems such as the Gaussian distribution.

I received a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering at San Diego State University (SDSU) . My graduate coursework and research for my thesis were in Digital Communication Systems and Digital Signal Processing (DSP). I conducted my research on the Synchronization Requirements for Downlink Coordinated Multi-Point Joint Transmission for LTE-Advanced Systems with Dr. Fred J. Harris. While my background has primarily been in Digital Communication Systems and DSP, I have also begun to expand my knowledge base in the field of programming as well as HTML and CSS while building this website.

During my graduate program, I worked as a Teaching Associate for the Engineering Electronic Laboratory at SDSU. As an instructor, I taught the fundamental concepts behind diode, operational amplifier (Op-Amp), bipolar junction transistor (BJT), and metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET). The lab consisted of soldering rectifier diodes, filters, and voltage regulators into a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in order to create a linear triple output power supply. For this lab I instructed undergraduate students on how to use various instruments including: triple output power supplies, function generators, digital multimeters (DMM), and oscilloscopes in order to generate and measure different types of signals.

During my time as an instructor, I worked collaboratively with students from diverse backgrounds and helped them finish their experiments for the lab in timely manner. Throughout this journey, I learned the importance of planning, working well with others, communicating frequently and clearly. I also discovered that the formula for successful team work involves delegating tasks according to personal strengths, encouraging peers, and sharing your passion with others.

My comprehensive background in engineering principles combined with my research and teaching experience has given me the tools needed to understand and solve complex problems in the field of engineering. My skillset would be valuable to a broad range of industries.

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